About Us

Welcome to Haulhot.com store

Founded in Shenzhen in 2018, our company is a super popular online store. A myriad of designs, colours and patterns to match your every mood, style and environment, bringing out the confidence and energy to the fullest.

Since 2022, it has been pursuing the concept of clothing that is unique and new in the world, and has always been committed to providing the highest quality clothing at affordable prices. It is Haulhot mission to let all people in the world enjoy the joy of wearing clothes.

Haulhot keeps up with fashion trends, and since 2022, due to the continuous expansion of the team, it is led by a young and dynamic team to move forward to different countries, so that each different country recognizes our products.

Our team and service will bring you unexpected services, thank you for choosing Haulhot again.

Welcome to Haulhot. Haulhot is a very trendy clothing store founded in 2018.

Our vision:
Haulhot was founded with a clear vision: to create different fashion trends for different people, only to highlight the distinctive brand characteristics, but also to make every piece of work like a beautiful piece of art.

For those embracing inspiring, trend-setting cutting-edge fashion, welcome to Haulhot.

Haulhot - modern style meets fashion and nature! We want to add a little attitude to your style and bring a little smile every time you put on our boots.

Email: service@Haulhot.com